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Shree Radhe Maa Distributes Raincoats in Andheri, Mumbai

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Mumbai, July 9 2019: Radhe Maa was caught distributing raincoats  at Lokhandwala, Andheri on Saturday.

The distributions happened on a large scale witnessing a massive assembly of people waiting in lines to get the raincoats. The monsoon fall in Mumbai has risen over time, and most people have had issues since they do not have a protective cover shielding them through the rains.

Radhe Maa Ji has always stood on the edge to help mankind in whatever way possible. She witnessed this plight of people, underprivileged and poor to get the need for raincoats fulfilled. Hence, she took it upon herself to get on the roads and make her valuable contributions to help the relief of this problem.

People thanked her and took her blessings. No wonder,  she is rightly called an ocean of kindness. Time and again she has proved this through all her gestures and acts of generosity. 

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