Roehampton University: Empowering Global Graduates

Roehampton University: Empowering Global Graduates
The goal of the top-notch education programme offered by the University of Roehampton (UoR) is to enable you to realise your full potential and pursue your desired vocation. The university is made up of four colleges that support its core values, which include research, teaching, and collaboration with local, national, and worldwide communities and organisations. The university offers an inclusive environment where students are encouraged to flourish and has a strong partnership with the varied student body. 
The staff at UoR provides a great, more comprehensive student experience and a supportive atmosphere with a strong focus on wellbeing and personal development through the professional services, colleges, and students' union. At Roehampton, they work hard to give students the information and abilities they need to thrive in a workforce that is expected to undergo significant and quick change in the near future.
Roehampton offers a wide range of programmes spanning six academic schools and faculties:
* Faculty of Business and Law
* School of Arts
* School of Education
* School of Humanities and Social Sciences
* School of Life and Health Sciences
* School of Psychology
The University of Roehampton has a long history stretching back 180 years through our 4 colleges. The diverse community is comprised of around 10,000 students, from 145 nations, 1,800 of which are postgraduate, giving it the accolade of the third fastest growing university internationally. With over 85 postgraduate courses, spread across 6 academic schools and faculties, UoR offer a wide range of choices for those looking for a career change or further study.
The 54 acre beautiful parkland campus offers great facilities, in the middle of south-west London. Studying at UoR will give students the best of both worlds: the community feel and safety of a traditional university campus, with the job opportunities, culture and nightlife of one of the greatest cities in the world.
Roehampton prides itself on helping all students, regardless of their background, to develop the skills they need for a successful graduate career and fulfilling life. The student experience is at the heart of everything they do. The team at UoR work in partnership with students to make sure that every moment at Roehampton matters. A Roehampton student has the opportunity to work with academic staff who are at the cutting edge of their fields and produce innovative and internationally renowned research.