Nu Republic Welcomes Farhan and Shibani Akhtar as Brand Ambassadors, Unveils #NuCodeofCool

Nu Republic Welcomes Farhan and Shibani Akhtar as Brand Ambassadors, Unveils #NuCodeofCool
New Delhi [India]: With pride, Nu Republic®, an Indian lifestyle technology brand known for its "wear-tech" (wireless audio, watches, earphones, and speakers) announces its partnership with Farhan and Shibani Akhtar, a dynamic power couple.

Farhan and Shibani will represent Nu Republic®, a company that shares their uncompromising dedication to disruption and innovation, as brand ambassadors in this groundbreaking partnership.

** Pioneering wear-tech brand Nu Republic® has announced Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Akhtar as its Brand Ambassadors. The pair looks amazing in the debut television commercial for Nu Republic®, a company whose goal is to elevate wearable technology beyond simple utilities into a potent medium for fashion, style, and self-expression.
"These tech products are worn by people & are born to be stylish & fashionable - not merely functional" This belief forms the basis of Nu Republic®'s product development process, and the company has received a lot of praise for its quirky goods throughout the years.

The talented model, singer, and television personality Shibani Akhtar, along with the versatile actor, director, and producer Farhan Akhtar, personify the values of Nu Republic and contribute their unique styles and expertise to this partnership.

"Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Akhtar embody the ethos of Nu Republic® through their multifaceted accomplishments," said Ujjwal Sarin, Founder of Nu Republic®, in response to the association.

Our goal as Nu Republic® is to upend the monochromatic wear-tech industry, question the established quo, and promote wear-tech.
The original trailblazers who have motivated us all are Farhan and Shibani. With his extraordinary skill and ground-breaking style of acting, singing, and directing, Farhan has continuously broken through barriers and upended the Indian cinema business. Conversely, Shibani has made a name for herself in the fashion, music, and entertainment industries by shattering stereotypes and motivating people with her skill.

Their objective is ideally aligned with their disruptive thinking, creative talent, and devotion to making a difference.

By prioritising fashion in its product design and development process, Nu Republic® contests the notion that electronic wear-tech devices are merely functional devices. The company has successfully changed the game by making high-tech and high-style accessible through its fashion-first design philosophy.
Farhan said, "I am delighted to be associated with Nu Republic®, a brand that shares my passion for music and innovation. Nu Republic's commitment to transforming wear-tech into a medium of self-expression aligns perfectly with my thoughts. I look forward to collaborating with Nu Republic® as it blends the boundaries of music, technology & fashion"