Homegrown AmbitionBox Surges Past 1 Crore Monthly Users; Helps Users Make Career Wise Decisions

Homegrown AmbitionBox Surges Past 1 Crore Monthly Users; Helps Users Make Career Wise Decisions
Over 1 million users use AmbitionBox's site each month, making it India's most popular source for employer ratings, salary information, and interview questions. This is a noteworthy accomplishment for the company.
AmbitionBox is the most reliable resource for assisting job seekers in their professional journey, with over 55 lakh company reviews, 2 crore wage insights, and 5 lakh interview questions.

Launched eight years after its international rival, AmbitionBox changed the course of the rivalry in 2022 by becoming India's top platform for wage information and corporate ratings. Their lead more than doubled by 2023, when 1 crore job seekers used the platform each month.
Employers and job seekers can now communicate with each other more easily thanks to the platform. It gives prospective employees a preview of a company before they join, and it gives companies a special chance to highlight their workplace culture, reply to critiques, and strengthen their employer brand.
"AmbitionBox is more than just a platform; it's a movement to promote workplace transparency, empowering job searchers to make informed career decisions and giving businesses the opportunity to highlight their work cultures, interact with staff, and position themselves as top employers. This accomplishment is a result of our team's hard work and the faith our users have in us, according to AmbitionBox's founder and business head, Mayur Mundada.
AmbitionBox organises the biggest Employee Choice Awards in India each year. With employees having the last say, the AmbitionBox Employee Choice accolades (ABECA) are the most important, open, and genuine accolades in India. Employee ratings are used to calculate company rankings. Right now, employees can rate their employers in the third edition of ABECA, which runs until December 31st. The first quarter of 2024 will see the announcement of the winners.
AmbitionBox is a service that assists people in locating their ideal jobs and is owned by the Info Edge organisation, which also operates other job portals.
Since its acquisition by India's largest job board, Naukri, in 2016, AmbitionBox has evolved from a promising startup to a powerhouse with a dedicated team of 100+ professionals serving 1 crore users each month. This milestone reinforces AmbitionBox's commitment to helping people build happy careers and empowering lives.
AmbitionBox, founded in 2015, is India's No.1 platform for company reviews, salary insights and interview questions with more than 1 crore job seekers visiting the platform every month. With 2 crore salary data points spanning over 85 thousand designations, 55 lakh company reviews, and 5 lakh interview questions, all from 8 lakh companies,AmbitionBox is a reliable resource that has assisted over 10 crore job seekers in choosing their careers. The goal of AmbitionBox is to assist job seekers in finding the greatest workplaces so they can go on to have fulfilling professions.
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