Good Earth, India's Premier Design House, Broadens Online Presence Through Exclusive Tata CLiQ Luxury Partnership

Good Earth, India's Premier Design House, Broadens Online Presence Through Exclusive Tata CLiQ Luxury Partnership
The leading luxury lifestyle platform in India, Tata CLiQ Luxury, provides a broad selection of brands in several categories to suit the varied interests and lifestyles of luxury consumers. The platform curates thoughtful luxury, bringing the best Indian and international luxury brands together on one platform to improve the consumer experience. Tata CLiQ Luxury is working hard to expand the home category, which is one of the fastest-growing categories on the platform and a strategic bet. To that end, the company has partnered with Good Earth, India's top design house, to launch an online store that will provide a fine selection of expertly crafted home products. By doing this, the platform has strengthened its current portfolio of luxury homes and hopes to spur additional growth in this category.

Anita Lal, a native luxury brand in the dining, fashion, and décor industries, launched the company in 1996 with the goal of creating a platform that highlights rural potters and elevates their skill and art in the eyes of metropolitan consumers. Good Earth products, which have a sustainable luxury brand philosophy, are renowned for their artistic designs, each of which tells a journey-taking tale. The firm, which is leading the way in handcrafted homeware, is committed to bringing back the ancient Indian customs that are good for the environment and the community. Good Earth dinnerware goods will now be available on Tata CLiQ Luxury, one of the leading players in multi-category luxury e-commerce in India, with the establishment of this online store on the platform.

To assist clients in creating a setting that reflects their individuality, passions, and appreciation for finer things in life, the platform will provide quick access to a wide range of Good Earth dining ware, including dinnerware, cutlery, serve ware, table linen, and more. Customers are welcome to peruse at their own speed and learn the backstory of each product. It inspires them to create "Timeless Homes," which provide an opulent and immersive living environment with exquisite craftsmanship and well-thought-out design at every corner.

Commenting on the launch, Gopal Asthana, CEO, Tata CLiQ, said, "For Tata CLiQ Luxury, the home category is a strategic priority, and we are directing our efforts to continuously expand this category further by offering renowned brands and assortments that mirror the values of the platform. Our partnership with Good Earth is a testament to this and to our shared values of craftsmanship, heritage, and sustainability. Good Earth comes with a legacy that offers luxury that is Indian in ethos and rooted in local heritage and karigari. It is also a celebration of making responsible choices. We are honored to launch the brand on our platform and look forward to offering a curated range of luxury handcrafted dinnerware products and an unparalleled luxury shopping experience."
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